4. September 2020 / Annual Report 2019 published in English: First-Hand Cotton Facts

The English version of the latest Annual Report of the Bremen Cotton Exchange has been published. Among our members as well as in specialist and business circles, the report is regarded as indispensable reference work on essential questions relating to the raw material cotton. The Annual Report reviews the international cotton market 2019 providing detailed information on developments and trends on a hundred pages.

This is made possible with figures and background on cotton production, global trade, price development and further processing of the raw material in downstream production stages. An important part of this are informative tables and graphics, as well as vivid images of the cotton production process.

Page from the Annual Report 2019: First-Hand Cotton Facts

A printed version can be purchased at a price of EUR 98.13 incl. VAT plus postage. It is free of charge for members of the Bremen Cotton Exchange and for the press. or:

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