12. March 2024 / President of the Bremen Parliament at the Cotton Exchange

On Tuesday, February 27th, Antje Grotheer, President of the Bremen Parliament, visited the Bremen Cotton Exchange. Vice Presidents Stephanie Silber, Fritz Grobien and Jens Lukaczik as well as Head of Communications Elke Hortmeyer welcomed the politician. The neighbourly visit served to present the Bremen Cotton Exchange and its international importance in trade, while the current situation regarding the political plans in Brussels for the Green Deal was also discussed. President Grotheer also visited the sample room and laboratory at the Cotton Exchange with great interest in the raw material.

The President of Parliament will open the 37th International Cotton Conference Bremen on Wednesday, March 20 in the Bremen Parliament House.


v.l.t.r. Jens Lukaczik, Stephanie Silber, Antje Grotheer and Fritz Grobien


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