Annual Report

The Annual Report of the Bremen Cotton Exchange is published annually at the General Assembly of our association in the middle of the year. The reference work, which is highly regarded among experts, contains more than 100 pages of facts and background information on the global cotton market – perfectly comprehensible and clearly presented, for example by means of tables, graphs and images.

The annual report focuses on production, trade and processing of the renewable natural fiber cotton in the past year. It also takes a look at the textile industry in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The activity report, which is also included, makes it clear which topics the Bremen Cotton Exchange is working on as an international raw materials association.

Detailed Insights from Cotton Cultivation to Processing

The reader is given a comprehensive insight into the most important segments of the cotton supply chain. This is achieved on the one hand by reports on the development in the main growing and processing countries and on the other hand by global analyses. Statistics on fiber production, yields, trade, price developments and further processing of the raw material in downstream production stages cover both recent years and the current period.

Cotton Textile Industry in Germany and Europe

Other reports also analyze the cotton and textile industries in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The current and structural developments within the textile and apparel industry can be clearly identified. This optimally complements the overall view with a look at further segments of the cotton supply chain through to the end consumer in Europe.

In addition, the annual report contains an overview of the diverse activities of the Bremen Cotton Exchange in the past year, which underscores its importance in the global network of the cotton industry.

The annual report is free of charge for members of the Cotton Exchange and for the press. A printed version is available from the Cotton Exchange. Orders are accepted by e-mail at and in the “Cotton Shop”.

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