Press Pictures

Press Pictures

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Images may be used for reporting purposes provided that the source “Bremen Cotton Exchange” is mentioned. We would be pleased to receive specimen copies.

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Elke Hortmeyer

Communications & International Relations

Executive Committee

President Jean-Paul Haessig

Vice President Fritz Grobien

Vice President Jens D. Lukaczik

Vice President Stephanie Silber

The Cotton Exchange

Building of the Cotton Exchange

Stairway in the Bremen Cotton Exchange

Foyer of the Cotton Exchange with Mosaiks

Window Motif in the Cotton Exchange

Bremen Cotton Exchange with the Parking Garage

Cotton Testing Laboratory in the Cotton Exchange

Standard Room in the Bremen Cotton Exchange

Design Bremen Cotton Exchange of Kuehn Malvezzi Felgendreher


Cotton Boll Brazil

Mature Cotton in the USA

Small Cotton Field in Brazil

Cotton Field in Brazil

Cotton Harvest in Tanzania

Storage of Seed Cotton in India

India – at the Gin

Cotton Bales in Sudan

Pulling Cotton Fibre Staple

Cotton Card going to Spinning


New Building of the Bremen Cotton Exchange 1902

The Bremen Cotton Exchange after Renovation of the Facade

Cotton Testing in the Arbitration Room

Aerial View, ca 1920

Destroyed Cotton Exchange1944

Cotton Testing Laboratory 1955

Re-Opening of the Cotton Stock Exchange with German Economic Minister Erhard 1956

Foundation of ICA Bremen 2011

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