Expert Interviews

The Cotton Report of the Bremen Cotton Exchange regularly features interviews with experts from the textile supply chain under the heading “Inquired about”. Cotton is of interest to merchants, agar and financial experts as well as biologists and chemists.

The interviews reflect the opinion of the respective interviewee and do not represent the position of the Bremen Cotton Exchange as a neutral, independent institution.

31 May | In Conversation: The Izmir Commodity Exchange

Interview with Secretary General Dr Erçin Güdücü, Izmir Commodity Exchange:   The Izmir Commodity Exchange (ICE) has been shaping cotton trading in Türkiye for more than 130 years. The editors of the Bremen Cotton Report spoke with Secretary General Dr. Erçin Güdücü about the tasks and special features of the ICE, the Turkish cotton...

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26 Oct | ECB: Euro Banknotes Made from Sustainable Cotton

Interview with Bernadette O’Brien from the Banknote Directorate, European Central Bank: In addition to price stability and safeguarding the European banking system, the sustainable production of euro banknotes is high on the agenda at the European Central Bank (ECB) in Frankfurt. The editors of the Bremen Cotton Report spoke with Bernadette O‘Brien from the...

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9 Nov | Question Time: Plant Protection – Necessity and Alternatives

Interview with Prof Dr Andreas von Tiedemann. Prof Dr Andreas von Tiedemann is head of the division of plant pathology and crop protection in the Department of Crop Science at the University of Göttingen. The Bremen Cotton Report regards today‘s conversation as an impetus on the topic of agriculture and crop protection. Discuss along....

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11 May | How much water does cotton really need?

Interview with Dr Ed Barnes, Senior Director of Agricultural and Environmental Research at Cotton Incorporated, USA. Water consumption in cotton production is one central aspect in the discussion on sustainability regarding the raw material. After the International Cotton Conference Bremen, the Bremen Cotton Report team consulted Dr Ed Barnes, Senior Director of Agricultural and...

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