Bremen Cotton Market

21 Jun | Downward Trend Continuing

– Reporting Period 05 – 18 June 2024 – The ICE Cotton No. 2 futures continued their downward trend. With only few exceptions, all trading days closed with price losses. In the middle of the reporting period, there was a change in the relationship between the trading months July and December. July dropped considerably...

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6 Jun | Down Over 9 Ct After Upswing

– Reporting Period 22 May – 04 June 2024 – Following the low in the last report, ICE Cotton No. 2 futures recovered briefly, only to drop rapidly to a new low. At the beginning of the reporting period, July prices initially climbed to over 82 ct/lb, but then fell sharply again and finally...

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24 May | Futures Strongly Depending on Climate Conditions

– Reporting Period 08 – 21 May 2024 – During the first half of the reporting period, the ICE cotton No. 2 futures dropped sharply, arriving even below the 75 ct/lb mark for a short time. Thus, the nearest future reached a low seen last in December 2020. Prices recovered immediately afterwards, albeit only...

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8 May | Subdued demand despite tumbling futures

– Reporting Period 24 April – 07 May 2024 – ICE Cotton No.2 futures maintained their downward trend over the period and continued to decline, punctuated by brief periods of shallow rise. Prices moved well below the 80-cent mark and occasionally fell to their lowest level in ten months. Despite the low price level,...

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24 Apr | Futures Decline, Demand Rises Only Slightly

– Reporting Period 10 – 23 April 2024 – The ICE Cotton No. 2 Futures have continued their downward trend of the past weeks. The nearest future contract dropped below the 80 ct/lb mark for the first time since the beginning of the year before recovering somewhat again. The strong decline encouraged demand. Nevertheless,...

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10 Apr | Cotton Prices Decline Further

– Reporting Period 27 March – 9 April 2024 – Overall, ICE Cotton No. 2 futures lost considerable ground during the reporting period. After the publication of the first, for some observers surprisingly low data on plantings in the USA, the market seemed to pause for a short time in its steady decline. However,...

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27 Mar | Market Did Not Break Through USD 1 Mark

– Reporting Period 06 – 26 March 2024 – After the upward trend of the previous reporting period, the market reversed with the change of the next trading month before the index price was able to break through the USD 1 mark. As the trading month March 24 ended, the May 24 futures briefly...

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6 Mar | Growing Price Gap Between Old and New Crop

– Reporting Period 21 Feb – 05 Mar 2024 – ICE Cotton No. 2 futures initially continued their steep rise. With more than one U.S. dollar, the futures reached a level last seen in September 2022. However, this development primarily referred to the old crop with the March contract. The December future for the...

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