Guided Tours of the Building

The Bremen Cotton Exchange Association has its home in a listed office building from 1902, which is directly adjacent to the Bremen market. It was built by the Bremen architect Johann Georg Poppe between 1900 and 1902, as the space in the new exchange had become too cramped for the people of Bremen. In addition, they needed rooms with large windows to provide sufficient light for the cotton examinations. Today, some 55 companies are located in the building complex, which is well worth seeing, spread over an area of 12,000 square meters.

Highlights of the historic Building

The highlights of the listed Kontorhaus from 1902 include the mosaics in the entrance area, the beautifully decorated staircases and the view of the Bremen market from the “Turmzimmer”. In addition, one of the last paternosters in Germany can be marveled at (riding on it is not permitted for safety reasons). Guided tours also provide an insight into the heart of the building, the laboratory and arbitration rooms of the Bremen Cotton Exchange. Cotton reference material from more than 40 countries is stored here. And modern laboratory equipment is used to test cotton samples to ensure smooth trading.

Open Monument Day

Traditionally, the Bremen Cotton Exchange opens its doors on Open Monument Day. Always on the 2nd Sunday in September, up to five free guided tours offer an insight into the listed Kontorhaus on the market. Information on the guided tours is available in the run-up to the monument day.

Guided Tours of the Bremen Cotton Exchange

The Bremen Cotton Exchange does not usually offer its own guided tours. Please contact these Bremen tour guides who have guided tours of the Bremen Cotton Exchange in their repertoire:


On a tour by the provider of unusual city tours “stattreisen”, interested visitors can experience Bremen from a bird’s eye view – among other things from the roof of the parking garage of the Bremen Cotton Exchange, which is directly adjacent to the historic Kontorhaus.

Impressions of the Building of the Bremen Cotton Exchange

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