11. July 2024 / Annual Report 2023 Released

Facts and background information on the global cotton market on more than 100 pages – this is what the Annual Report 2023 presents.

This year‘s richly illustrated report features a special on sustainable cultivation systems as well as the topic „Instant fashion means polyester“. The annual report also takes a look at the development of the textile industry in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Europe in general. Additionally, readers get an overview of the diverse activities of the Bremen Cotton Exchange.

Selected graphics from the Annual Report provide a first impression of key parameters of the global cotton market.

World Cotton Imports and Exports 2014/15 to 2023/24
World Cotton Production and Consumption 2003/04 to 2023/24
World Cotton Area and Average Yields

The annual report is free of charge for members of the Cotton Exchange.

The English version is going to be published soon.

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