10. April 2024 / CIRAD and Bremen partners forge strategic cooperation

Partnership for advancement in cotton research

The French Institute for Agricultural Research and Development (CIRAD) in Montpellier has joined forces with Bremen partners, including the Bremen Cotton Exchange and FIBRE. The general objective of this collaboration is to unite these strong partners to foster advancements across the entire cotton supply chain.

By synergizing the scientific expertise of CIRAD in cotton production and processing with the proficiency of Bremen partners in quality testing and trade, this initiative seeks to optimize their collective strengths across cotton breeding and production as well as transformation, quality testing and fibre trade.


Framework cooperation agreement signed in March 2024

Jean-Paul Haessig, President Bremen Cotton Exchange, and Bruno Bachelier, Assistant Director CIRAD

In a significant milestone, a framework cooperation agreement was signed in March 2024, solidifying the foundation for a comprehensive scientific partnership. The scope of the Framework Agreement covers breeding, agronomy, production and ginning of seed cotton, cotton testing, cotton trading, seed processing, fibre and textile processing, and the corresponding supply chain.

Joint activities with a focus on harmonization of stickiness testing

Key objectives of this strategic collaboration include the continuation of laboratory activities for research at CIRAD and breeding in cotton-producing countries, primarily focusing on sub-Saharan Africa. Additionally, there is a provision for testing the quality of cotton and for harmonized stickiness tests of cotton fibre. This includes round trials for stickiness, reference material creation, database development with stickiness values and results from spinning tests, and device comparison on a cross-device scale.

Joint know-how transfer for the supply chain

Joint activities encompass implementing research, education and training programs for the supply chain, organizing workshops and seminars, as well as disseminating scientific and technical information. Additional responsibilities comprise providing expertise to different organizations along the supply chain, publication of research results, and the characterization and testing of seed cotton, cotton lint, and cotton products.

Picture above: f.l.t.r.: Jens Wirth (BBB), Jean-Paul Haessig (BBB), Bruno Bachelier (CIRAD), Axel Drieling (FIBRE), Jean-Paul Gourlot (CIRAD)

Photos © Bremen Cotton Exchange, photographer Carsten Heidmann


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