15. March 2019 / “use-less” – Exhibition on slow fashion in the Hafenmuseum Bremen

On Friday the 22nd of March, the exhibition “use-less – Slow Fashion against waste and ugly clothes” opens in the Harbor Museum Bremen. The interactive and holistic exhibition shows the emergence of resource-saving fashion along the textile cycle. With the exhibition use-less, the “Hafenmuseum Speicher XI” once again focuses on the subject of textile raw materials, whose trade has shaped Bremen and its ports for decades.

Information from the museum:

Fashion is more than just clothing – through fashion we express ourselves and show who we are. But how does fashion actually comes to life? And how can fashion be produced with care to resources? With the interactive exhibition “use-less” you can experience the way of the textiles into your closet.

Exhibition website of the Hafenmuseum (German)

Exhibition information flyer (pdf, German)



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