30. November 2021 / Textile Partnership: Working Meeting in a Positive Atmosphere

This year’s Working Meeting of the Partnership for Sustainable Textiles took place on 27 October as a hybrid event. About 60 representatives of the Partnership’s members met at in Cologne. Additionally, up to 30 people dialed in online for the workshops and two plenary sessions. Elke Hortmeyer, Head of Communication and International Relations was on site for the Bremen Cotton Exchange.

In his welcome note, Jürgen Janssen, head of the Partnership’s secretariat, spoke about experiences and expectations in this year’s Review Process. As a result of the adaptation based on the recommendations of the OECD, corporate due diligence obligations are at the core of the consideration. The purpose of the Review Process is for companies to demonstrate how they are fulfilling their individual responsibilities and to receive structured support in this regard.

A central aspect of this is the change in perspective when considering risks. Whereas previously the focus was primarily on economic risks for the company itself, now it is more a question of what risks the company’s own business activities cause for stakeholders in the supply chain and for the environment.

In addition, it would be necessary to see how well the Review Process in the Textiles Partnership was in line with regulatory requirements such as the Act on Corporate Due Diligence Obligations in Supply Chains, which was passed in June. Consultations with the German Federal Office for Economic Affairs and Export Control (BAFA), which is responsible for the review, are one of the things to be done. Nevertheless, Janssen is already certain: “The Review Process is a good basis to be compliant with future requirements.”

Overall, the annual meeting was perceived very positively, with efficient, productive on-site workshops and a positive atmosphere.

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