10. February 2021 / Task force on the “digital supply chain management” based on blockchains

Transparency and traceability in the textile supply chain have become increasingly important for many retailers – also due to possible statutory new regulations. Within the frame of its research project “Blockchain for GMO Mediation in Organic Cotton”, the Bremen Cotton Exchange was able to gain essential know-how on the use of blockchains in supply chains of organic cotton. The task force aims for establishing a digital network of textile companies and other relevant stakeholders. The purpose is to enable an efficient exchange of reliable information on quality, sustainability, and status between the involved parties. Members of the task force currently are, amongst others, the retailers kik Textiles and Ernsting’s family as well as the IT company evan.


The task force’s kick-off meeting will take place on March 1, 2021. Further interested parties are very welcome to participate. For further information and contact data turn to this link:

“Digital Supply Chain Management”  (pdf)




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