10. January 2024 / Turn of the Year Under a Silent Star

Reporting Period 20 December 2023 – 09 January 2024

The market remained silent at the turn of the year – almost contemplatively silent. Only minor market activities with smaller purchases were registered around Christmas and until the turn of the year, in particular from China. The ICE futures Cotton No. 2 increased marginally towards the end of the year. In 2024, however, they lost their gain again. In a countermovement, the U.S. dollar was flagging somewhat, but improved again after the turn of the year.

The physical quotations have roughly traced these smooth up and down movements. Due to the holidays, only little interest was registered on the market.

Experts have been discussing whether the new year will experience stronger price movements once again or whether the business will stay as “boring” as before. In view of the weak economic prospects in producing and consuming countries, the spirit was very subdued.

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