2. July 2014 / Annual Report 2013: Cotton, a Global Fibre

The cotton fibre is one of the most important raw materials for the global textile industry. It is the largest natural fibre and a renewable resource. Alongside its use in fashion and textiles, there is also a whole other world. Cotton is an agricultural product and as a result of its cultivation, a global fibre. More than 250 million people all over the world live from cotton, with production taking place in around 80 countries. Cotton is a cash crop, part of crop rotation and a livelihood. It covers numerous agricultural systems, religions, political backgrounds and social contexts. All over the world.

Once a year, the Bremen Cotton Exchange Annual Report provides a comprehensive overview of the global cotton situation.

The 2013/14 season: 25 million tonnes of cotton production on 33 million hectares of land, consumption of around 24 million tonnes.

Read the facts and figures, detailed statistics, graphics and short seasonal reports, illustrated with unique pictures from the origins of cotton and its consumption. The Bremen Cotton Exchange Annual Report is the only German language representation of this kind and is available from us.

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