20. February 2017 / Increasing the Interest in Cotton Processing

Henning Hammer* explains: “I would like to highlight three aspects of increasing the interest in cotton processing. These are quality, innovation and communication. Firstly, constantly reliable quality plays a decisive role in the processing of the chosen products within the cotton processing industry. Solutions meeting these requirements can already be found in cotton production methods, as well as in the determination of the quality of ginned cotton using standardized testing procedures. It is of utmost importance to communicate actively and inform the market on progress relating to quality issues and quality standards. Cotton research should focus on using cotton in innovative and seminal product ideas in particular. It should, however, not only include the primary processing of yarns and fabrics, but also finishing processes. Widespread, comprehensive reports on new, innovative cotton processing ideas in unusual and surprising products are essential. Thanks to its cooperation in the network with ICA Bremen and the Fibre Institute Bremen (FIBRE), the Bremen Cotton Exchange has comprehensive expert knowledge on quality issues and innovations. We have been communicating actively and in a forward-looking way for many years thanks to our own media work, as well as in collaboration with the specialist and consumer press. We will continue to do this in the future as well.“

*Henning Hammer is President of the BREMEN COTTON EXCHANGE and Director of OTTO STADTLANDER GMBH, Bremen, Germany

Source: Bremen Cotton Report 49-50-16

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