19. June 2017 / In Brief: What are the traditional strengths of the Israeli cotton production?

Menahem Yogev* informs: “Our mostly known strengths are:

  1. All cotton growers in Israel are organized under the “umbrella” of the Israel Cotton Production & Marketing Board (icb).
  2. For cotton growers in Israel sustainability is not a fad but a way of life and has been of utmost importance from the very beginning.
  3. All Israeli cotton is BCI licensed since 2015/16.
  4. Cotton fields are all drip irrigated using recycled water.
  5. Joint R&D is mostly done in farmer’s fields.
  6. Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is practiced by Israeli cotton growers and implemented in the field.
  7. We are working with high level of professional growers.
  8. The main issue is the understanding that uniting forces lead to best results.
  9. Israelis researchers and consultants are working in many countries all over the world including some countries in Africa. They are looking to improve and utilize agricultural practices for better production results.

*Menahem Yogev is a leading member of The Israel Cotton Production & Marketing Board, Herzlia, Israel

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