A total of thirty-two international delegates successfully completed the ICA Bremen ‘Classing & Testing’ training and ‘Learning about Machinery’ training this summer in Germany.

The two-day ‘Learning about Machinery’ training course was delivered in Denkendorf, Germany from 16 – 17 May by experts from DITF. The training covered a range of textile areas including spinning, weaving, knitting and finishing, with detailed explanations of DITF’s processes provided at the machinery.

Shortly after, ICA Bremen delivered its six-day ‘Classing & Testing’ programme in Bremen, Germany from 5 – 12 June. The training concentrated purely on quality issues in raw cotton and was delivered by experts from ICA Bremen and the Bremen Fibre Institute (FIBRE).

Following the training, ICA Bremen course deliverer, Karsten Froese, said: “Our ‘Classing & Testing’ programme gave delegates practical training in many areas of quality measurement and the influence of cotton quality on processing. Where possible, we tailored the training to meet the needs of our participants’ firms as we understand the benefit this brings to them and their companies. Feedback for both training courses was very positive and we plan to run them both again in 2019.”

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