28. March 2014 / Successful 32nd International Cotton Conference in Bremen

On Friday last week, the 32nd International Cotton Conference, organised by the Bremen Cotton Exchange and the Fibre Institute Bremen, officially ended. From 19th to 21st March, more than 500 participants from 40 nations travelled to Bremen to discuss various topics related to cotton in the Hanseatic city’s historic Town Hall. The spectrum ranged from scientific lectures through a fashion show to a panel discussion on water consumption.

“In recent years, we have clearly moved on from being a very specialised scientific conference and opened ourselves up to current issues”, said President Fritz Grobien. “This was a necessary step in order to adapt to changes in the textile industry. And also a good move, because we can now bring the most important people in cotton to Bremen and increasingly include the textile chain”.

Ernst Grimmelt, Vice President of the Cotton Exchange said “We are extremely pleased with the response. With the good number of visitors as a whole, the strong foreign participation and a Conference programme that was received very positively. We will continue to emphasise the high level of the presentations in the future.” The next Cotton Conference will take place in spring 2016.

In addition to the official Conference in Bremen Town Hall, numerous working groups met in Bremen. These included the Association of European Cotton Traders, the globally active SEEP Panel (Panel on Social, Economical and Ecological Performance on Cotton Production) and the International Forum for Cotton Promotion. The Executive Board of the International Cotton Association also met. The working groups of the ITMF (International Textile Manufacturers Association) for cotton testing methods and the harmonisation of testing methods met in advance of the Cotton Conference.

The presentations are available directly in the conference programme on the Cotton Exchange website.

The next Cotton Conference will take place in the spring of 2016.

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