2. May 2022 / Digital Talk: Cotton & Water – Innovations for a Sustainable Future

Water is an indispensable resource that is needed for growing cotton but also during the textile production process. Today, it is more important than ever for the cotton and textile industry to explore innovative ways to limit water usage. The digital talk “Cotton & Water” on June 9th presents the facts behind this ongoing discussion and gives insights into new and progressive strategies as well as technical developments for a more sustainable agriculture and production.

Speakers in the discussion will be Ed Barnes, Senior Director, Agricultural and Environmental Research Division, Cotton Incorporated, Matanya Zuntz, Senior Manager, Classing & Quality Dep., The Israel Production & Marketing Board Ltd., Andrew Olah, The Transformers’ Foundation and Alberto Candiani, CEO Candiani Denim. The discussion is moderated by Ulrike Wollenschläger, TextilWirtschaft.

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