10. February 2020 / Challenge Organic Cotton without Genetic Engineering – Informative Meeting ‘Orgenic’ with remarkable response

The Bremen Cotton Exchange and the Bremerhaven-based biotechnology company Impetus Bioscience cooperate in a research project on ‘Blockchain for GMO Mediation in Organic Cotton’.

In this context, the Bremen Cotton Exchange hosted an informative meeting titled ‘orGENic – Challenge Organic Cotton without Genetic Engineering’ on Thursday, January 23 in its fully occupied tower hall. The aim was to explain the present state of the art to more than 40 participants from the sector and to view the theme from various perspectives. Those who process organic cotton in textile production have to be sure that the raw material is free from GMO contaminants.

Participants of the seminar in the “Turmsaal” of the Bremen Cotton Exchange.

The day started with an introduction to the global cotton market by Elke Hortmeyer, responsible for communication and international relations at the Bremen Cotton Exchange.

Dr Lothar Kruse, managing director of Impetus Bioscience, described the scientific testing methods to prove the genetic modification of cotton.

Simone Dreyer, who coordinates the research project, explained the project’s targets. The Bremen Cotton Exchange acts as internationally acknowledged expert and arbitrating authority.

Katharina Schaus, itfits

The founder of itfits – Organic Textile Partner, Katharina Schaus, spoke on the various certification opportunities for organic cotton along the textile value chain.

Simon Hohmann, Remei AG

Finally, Simon Hohmann, Co-CEO of the Swiss Remei AG, informed about challenges and solutions of planting and processing organic cotton as well as the further development. Remei having been on the market for 40 years owns the certification mark bioRe and holds subsidiaries in India and Tanzania. The company features comprehensive knowledge on organic cotton planting as well as the further processing into textiles and clothing.

Find more information on the common project of the Bremen Cotton Exchange and Impetus Bioscience “Blockchain for GMO Mediation in Organic Cotton”.

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