21. November 2019 / Challenge: Organic Cotton without Genetic Engineering – A Series of Lectures Offers Solutions

Within the framework of the project on ‘Blockchain for GMO Mediation in Organic Cotton’ funded by the European Funds for Regional Development the Bremen Cotton Exchange and the Bremerhaven-based biotechnology company Impetus Bioscience invite once again to an informative meeting. A one-day seminar on January 23, 2020, will focus on organic cotton, certifications, authenticity testing and challenges.

In a first step on October 22, a seminar has informed about the application of blockchain technology for securing and transferring data. The next step will be taken in January under the header ‘orGENic – Challenge Organic Cotton without Genetic Engineering’ dealing with other major “building blocks” for meeting the target. In case of disputes the arbitration of the Bremen Cotton Exchange plays an essential role in this regard as well.

Genetically modified cotton has meanwhile been holding the largest share in cotton planting around the globe. At the same time the interest in organic cotton has been growing. Most certification standards insist on refraining from using genetic engineering for seeds and breeding. Yet, doubtless proof is crucial. Due to the wide spread interest, the target group of the daytime seminar is also employees of the textile and clothing industry that are involved in supply, manufacturing or sales.

The seminar offers outstandingly informative lectures:

  •  Elke Hortmeyer responsible for communication at the Bremen Cotton Exchange will induct into the world of cotton.
  • Dr. Lothar Kruse, managing director of Impetus Bioscience, will explain the scientific testing methods to prove the genetic modification of cotton.
  • Simone Dreyer, Diplom Engineer, employed as project engineer at the Bremen Cotton Exchange, will describe the aim of the research project.
  • Katharina Schaus of itfits Organic Textile Partner will inform on certification opportunities for organic cotton.
  • Simon Homann from the Swiss Remei AG will speak on challenges and solutions of planting and processing organic cotton

The participation fee is 130 euros plus VAT per Person. The seminar will take place on Thursday, January 23, 2020 from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. in the tower hall of the Bremen Cotton Exchange, Wachtstraße 17-24, Bremen.

The seminar will be held in German.

Please send an e-mail giving your name as well as the company and invoice address to register:

Karin Manefeld from Impetus Bioscience will answer any questions at or call Simone Dreyer at the Bremen Cotton Exchange +49 421 3397019.

Information flyer (pdf)


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