13. April 2023 / Beninese Artist Visits Cotton Exchange

In March, the Beninese artist Thierry Oussou visited the Bremen Cotton Exchange and toured the laboratory and arbitration rooms. He learned about basic methods of cotton testing and quality issues of the raw material from quality experts Karsten Fröse of the Bremen Cotton Exchange and Axel Drieling of the Faserinstitut Bremen e.V. (FIBRE). The artist had traveled to Bremen to give a lecture entitled „Equilibrium Wind: Cotton, Work & Art“ as part of the program accompanying the „100 % Cotton“ exhibition at the Übersee-Museum Bremen. Thierry Oussou is currently working on a study of the lives of Beninese men and women working on cotton plantations in Benin.

Oussou was accompanied by Dr Jan Christoph Greim, curator of the exhibition „100% Cotton,“ which was designed with the support of the Bremen Cotton Exchange, among others.

Photo: f.l.t.r.: Dr Jan Christoph Greim, Axel Drieling, Thierry Oussou, Karsten Fröse

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