15. September 2021 / „Appearance and Reality“ – day of the open monument

On September 12, 2021, the day of the open monument took place ­nationwide under the topic of “Appearance and Reality”. Traditionally, the Bremen Cotton Exchange also opened its doors to visitors on this day. Unfortunately, despite the great interest, only four tours with ten participants each could be offered due to the corona hygiene regulations. The highlights of the historic office building from 1902 included the mosaics in the entrance area, the beautifully decorated staircases and the view of the Bremen market from the „tower room“. The visitors also got a glimpse into the heart of the building, the laboratory and arbitrage rooms of the Bremen Cotton Exchange. Cotton reference material from more than 40 countries is stored here and modern laboratory equipment is used to test cotton samples to ensure smooth trading.

The Bremen Touristic Office (BTZ) regularly offers guided tours of the Bremen Cotton Exchange. In addition, an experienced Bremen tour guide from Stadtgeschichten Bremen also takes interested visitors through the historic building.

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