4. April 2022 / APPA becomes twelfth laboratory certified by ICA Bremen

The Association for the Promotion of Cotton Production (APPA) is Argentina’s leading cotton classing operation established in Avellaneda, Santa Fe. As of 1 March 2022, APPA has become the latest laboratory to be certified under ICA Bremen’s Laboratory Certification Scheme.


APPA’s General Director of the Laboratory, Nicolas Buyatti said; “The certification of the Official Fiber Quality Laboratory has made it possible to increase its level to the maximum, ensuring accuracy and transparency throughout the process, providing an impartial means of dispute resolution”.

In 2017 APPA opened the Official Laboratory for Cotton Fiber Quality Analysis by HVI. The laboratory provides services to producers, spinners, ginners, cotton merchants and organizations that work in the research, development, and improvement of cotton varieties. In 2018 the laboratory started to participate in international quality controls by the Department of Agriculture of the United States and the Commercial Standardization of Instrument Testing of Cotton (CSITC) Round Trials as a first step to qualify for the ICA Bremen certification as well as the introduction of Argentina (represented by APPA) as a member of CICCA to support good trading practice and the sanctity of contract.

More information about certification under ICA Bremen’s Laboratory Certification Scheme.

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