30. June 2020 / Annual Report of the Bremen Cotton Exchange 2019: First-Hand Cotton Facts

Bremen, 30 June 2020: The latest Annual Report of the Bremen Cotton Exchange has been published. The report is seen by our members, specialists and in business circles as an indispensable reference work on essential questions relating to the raw material of cotton.

‘Only those who know the past can understand the present and shape the future.’

This saying, attributed to August Bebel, is well over 100 years old and it is still true: The latest annual report from Bremen provides a review of the past year in the international cotton market with detailed information on developments and trends. With this specialist knowledge, it is possible to understand developments on the ground and to look into the future. This is made possible with figures and background infor-mation on cotton production, global trade, price development and further processing of the raw material in downstream production stages.

World Cotton Production in 2019/20  © Bremen Cotton Exchange

An important part of this are informative tables and graphics, as well as vivid images of the cotton production process.

Cotton Growing: Where, Why and How Much?

In addition to a global view, the situation in major cotton-growing countries in the northern and southern hemisphere is analysed in detail from a regional perspective. A special focus is placed on the situation in developing countries. This also includes aspects of ecological, social and economic sustainability in the sense of the UN Social Development Goals.

The country reports on the situation of the cotton textile industries in Germany and Switzerland illustrate the structural developments within the industry. They draw attention to the dynamics of the flow of goods within the cotton supply chain for cotton clothing from Asia to Europe.

Spinning Preparation © RCMA/J.P. Haessig

Last but not least, the annual report clarifies what the Cotton Exchange, with its almost 150-year history, stands for and what it can achieve with its partners within the globally networked cotton textile supply chain.

A printed version of the annual report can be purchased at a price of EUR 100 incl. VAT plus postage from the Cotton Exchange. It is free for members of the Cotton Exchange Association and for the press. The English version is currently being prepared and can be ordered as soon as possible.

Orders are accepted by email at or via the Internet at .

We are happy to answer any further questions you may have. We are also available to press representatives for exclusive interviews at any time.


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