28. September 2020 / Nominations for the 2020 DNFI Award Received

A fascinating array of nominations for the Discover Natural Fibres Initiative (DNFI) Innovation in Natural Fibres Award 2020 were received by the deadline on 11 September, and eight finalists have been identified. Final judging is underway, and the winner of the 2020 Award will be announced in early October.

The eight finalists for the 2020 Award fall into three broad categories, including the use of natural fibres in the manufacturing of biodegradable plastics and composites, practical techniques for the application of Integrated Pest Management in small-holder cotton production, and new uses or expanded uses for natural fibre materials.

The international DNFI award recognizes innovation in the development of products and processes using natural fibres and research involving natural fibres.

With Elke Hortmeyer, the Bremen Cotton Exchange is currently in the Chair of DNFI.


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