25. July 2023 / New US Upland Standards

On 10 July 2023 the Bremen Cotton Exchange received the new Universal Standards for Color and Leaf of American Upland Cotton, Key-Set No. 39 from the USDA, AMS, Cotton Program, Memphis, Tennessee, USA:

Quality expert Jens Wirth is examining the new US cotton standards in the arbitration room of the Bremen Cotton Exchange

11 Good Middling White Color / Leaf Grade 1
21 Strict Middling White Color                  / Leaf Grade 2
31 Middling White Color                         / Leaf Grade 3
41 Strict Low Middling White Color          / Leaf Grade 4
51 Low Middling White Color                    / Leaf Grade 5
61 Strict Good Ordinary White Color       / Leaf Grade 6
71 Good Ordinary White Color                  / Leaf Grade 7

23 Strict Middling Spotted Color
33 Middling Spotted Color
43 Strict Low Middling Spotted Color
53 Low Middling Spotted Color
63 Strict Good Ordinary Spotted Color

34 Middling Tinged Color
44 Strict Low Middling Tinged Color
54 Low Middling Tinged Color

The new US Upland standards are valid from 1 July 2023 until 30 June 2024. They can be inspected by appointment in the arbitration rooms of the Bremen Cotton Exchange.

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