9. January 2015 / Cotton Research in Bremen

On the basis of the 2014 sponsorship agreement between FIBRE and the BCE, Christina Giebing began work at the Fibre Institute Bremen on 1 January 2015, with pro rata funding from both the BCE and FIBRE. Ms Giebing studied Textile Products in the Department of Textile and Clothing Technology in Mönchengladbach, graduating in November 2014 with her master’s thesis on “Textile Fabric for Shielding Against X-rays”.

The aim of the newly created sponsorship appointment is to systematically shape the common future of the BCE and FIBRE, to interlink strategies and secure long-term a high level of expertise.

During the contract period, subjects agreed upon between FIBRE and the BCE will be implemented either as direct tasks or in research projects, new research topics will be analysed and suggestions for made for their implementation.

 These subjects include, for example

Studies on the applicability of higher standard temperatures for cotton testing in tropical countries, without changing the values or increasing measurement uncertainty.

  • Publication of annual provenance-specific cotton quality data on the basis of reliable, standardised HVI measurements.
  • Improving the calibration of the HVI trash measurement and comparison of trash measurements of different cotton testing methods.
  • Targeted combination of properties of different fibres for new products.
  • Ability to trace the cotton from the product back to the field


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