19. July 2022 / Knowledge Transfer for AMD Students: Great Interest in Cotton

Elke Hortmeyer and Rainer Schlatmann (both Bremen Cotton Exchange) with students of AMD

A few weeks ago, the Bremen Cotton Exchange once again had the opportunity to inform students of the Fashion Management course at the AMD Academy of Fashion and Design, Düsseldorf, about cotton.

In the two-and-a-half-hour seminar, essential topics concerning the natural fibre as an important raw material for textiles were addressed from a professional point of view. About 30 students of the second semester took part. Next to the theoretical lessons, there was also the opportunity to get to know cotton physically. After all, it is a textile manager’s task to pick the suitable raw material for selected products during the procurement process.

Elke Hortmeyer, head of communications at the Bremen Cotton Exchange, explained the structure of the globally networked cotton market in terms of production, consumption, and trade, as well as sustainability aspects of the natural fibre, and gave attention to questions about organic cotton.

The second part was all about cotton quality. The students were given the opportunity to get to know cotton samples from different producing countries in different quality gradings such as fiber length, colour and contamination. Rainer Schlatmann, a specialized journalist, explained the use of cotton in the industry. Many questions and discussions showed the great interest of the participants as well as the need for objective information and education about cotton from practical experience.

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