25. January 2018 / Cotton: Increasing Use in Technical Products

Bremen, 17th January, 2018: The 34th International Cotton Conference will take place from the 21st to the 23rd of March, under the motto ‘Cotton Insights’. In old merchant tradition, the venue is the historic Town Hall of the Hanseatic city of Bremen, in the immediate vicinity of the Cotton Exchange. Approximately 450 participants from all over the world will make the journey to Bremen.

‘Cotton Insights’ underlines the substantive depth and, at the same time, the quality of the Bremen Conference, for which it has been known for more than fifty years. As always, the Conference offers informative, forward-looking lectures and panel discussions, as well as ample opportunity for the exchange of experience among the participants.

Innovative textiles and technical products made of cotton. Very specialised? Yes. Alongside the wide range of general cotton themes, the Bremen Cotton Conference also provides a podium for experts. The Technical Session III will be moderated by Iwona Frydrich from the Technical University of Lodz in Poland.

Malgorzata Matusiak, also from the Technical University of Lodz, will present innovative 3D textiles made of cotton and cotton blends with man-made fibres. The studies presented confirm the excellent thermo-physiological comfort of these new textiles, e.g. in functional clothing.

In his presentation, Bruce Atherly, Managing Director of Cotton Council International, Washington D.C. USA, will offer an overview of product innovations which increase the added value and prestige of cotton among consumers. The aim is to strengthen cotton in its position as the preferred fibre for preliminary stages, producers, brands and trade.

New technical materials made of cotton and polylactide fibres as renewable raw materials provide the content of the presentation by Franziska Stehle, Fibre Institute Bremen. Using manufacturing processes in which the thermoplastic fibres are fused, structural products can be made which utilise the positive properties of cotton, for example for interior design.

Nap Cores from Cotton and Polylactide Fibers, ©FIBRE

 Milan Kelch, a research associate at the University of Applied Sciences Bremen, will present cotton fibre reinforced plastics made by micro-injection moulding and 3-D printing as part of a research project using biological materials. In these processes, cotton is more suitable than bast fibres, due to its fineness and uniformity. 

Injection molded tensile samples cotton fibre reinforced biobased polymer, © Milan Kelch, University of Applied Sciences Bremen

Further topics of the Conference, which shed light on the entire world of cotton, are sustainability, cotton quality, seed breeding, digitalisation, research and textile processes. The Conference provides solutions to future challenges that are important not only to the specialist cotton world, but also to the entire cotton supply chain from processing to textile retailing. It also considers the needs of end consumers.

New: In the run-up to the International Cotton Conference, on March 20th, the sustainability conference ‘SUSTAIN’, organised by the ‘Weser-Kurier’ daily newspaper in cooperation with the Bremen Cotton Exchange, will take place from 10 am to 5:30 pm in the Auditorium of the Bremen Parliament. The subject of the first event is ‘Future Africa’.

We are already inviting journalists to Bremen. We are always available to answer questions and give interviews on topics relating to the natural fibre cotton in the run up to the Conference.

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